The Research activities of EUMEDAID project will be based on the new provisions in the EU civil protection legislation that set the framework for implementation of a disaster risk management policy, promoting a comprehensive approach for all natural and man-made risks throughout all phases of the disaster management cycle: prevention, preparedness, and response.

The main research activities have been divided into:

  • 1st Teaching Course final syllabus –Course material
  • 2nd Teaching Course final syllabus on EU civil protection and humanitarian action–Master’s course material,
  • Preparation of the Advanced Seminar Course modules on disaster mitigation in the EU and preparedness –tabletop scenarios -exercises
  • Preparation of the Advanced Seminar Course modules on civil protection–tabletop scenarios –exercises on responding to earthquakes / tsunami

These activities will be developed during the first year of EUMEDAID implementation and will be largely repeated and updated during the 2nd and 3rd year of project’s lifespan.